Why I started a blog

Why start a blog? That’s a good question. My reasons were purely selfish to start out with. The more that I thought about it the more that the reason seemed to evolve.

The first reason was a way to speak my mind. Release some things that may be bothering me. An outlet for my mind. An outlet so that I could keep some sanity in my life. In a way, it’s my journal.

The second reason was that maybe I could help someone. As I thought about starting this I had a little epiphany. There are billions of people in the world. Though no two people are the same, there are many that have had the same or similar experiences in life.  People can have the same thoughts as well. So maybe, ( though I’m sure this will never reach epic global recognition) my thoughts and experiences could help someone with what they are going through. I hope so anyway.

So you can get some of an idea about me. Here is how my brain works. My mind is always running. The whole hamster on a wheel saying is totally me. I actually have to take a medication so that I can quiet it down enough to sleep at night.

To the people who know me. I may seem like I’m doing something like watching TV or reading or painting, but I guarantee you that my mind is not completely on what I am doing. I’m probably running through the days events or thinking about something that I’m worrying about. More than likely something that I have no control over. Pointless worrying. I’m hoping that by typing my thoughts. Maybe some of that useless noise in my head will calm down a bit.

That is also what I am doing when I am talking to you. With all that activity in my brain.  I am also thinking about pointless stuff. I’ll be thinking about something, which in turns reminds me of something else. That at times makes me talk about things that are not even remotely close to what we are discussing.

Some people just think I’m weird. Which is fine. Whatever. Just don’t think that I’m not listening to what you are saying. Because it may be in the distance, but I can hear you ( well most of the time).

With that being said. I’m a pretty random person, so posts will more than likely be random. Just keep coming back to see what I have to say!